Baby Namings

What a beautiful way to formally welcome your baby into your circle of family and friends. The naming Ceremony is an important Rite of Passage in Australian society. Our cultural diversity is expressed within the ceremony making it a unique and personal event for many families, allowing them to welcome their new family member in a manner that is meaningful and memorable. The naming ceremony is more often non religious, but many parents choose to include some religious readings or prayers in the ceremony.Even if you choose to have baby christened in a church, you can still have a formal Naming Ceremony as well and involve family and friends and the God parents.

Your child will receive an official naming certificate signed by both parents and Godparents, or parents may wish to choose an alternative term such as (mentor/guardian/sponsor) Parents receive a booklet of the ceremony with baby’s photo on the front and Godparents also receive one as a thank you and memento of the occasion.

I can help you with suggestions for all aspects of your baby’s ceremony and will provide a planning manual which includes a variety of choices for rituals, poems and readings etc.

Call me for a chat about a Naming Ceremony for your child or just send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

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