Creating beautiful memories, with a Wedding Ceremony, that is perfect for you!

Every couple in love has a different vision about what makes the perfect Wedding Ceremony. Every love story is unique and for that reason I dedicate myself to helping couples create the ceremony that is perfect for them. To be able to do this, couples need to know what options are open to them and what are ‘the legal constraints’.

I present couples with a Ceremony Planning Manual with a vast array of choices for ceremony options, also containing  100 poems and readings from which to choose. The opportunity is there for couples to reflect their individual circumstances, personalities and special love.

The manual has suggestions for including children, other family members and friends in your ceremony. Involving Family and friends in your ceremony makes your day even more special for you and them. You may have as much input into creating your wedding ceremony as you wish. Talk to me about any special wishes you have for your ceremony and I will work with you to make sure that they are honoured and included.

The manual sets out, the words that are required by law, to be included and spoken by the celebrant and the marrying couple, to make the ceremony legal.

My services encompass every aspect of the wedding ceremony, including the use of a public address system with microphone and stand for the readers and CD/mp3 and USB for your special music choices – managed by my husband John. Signing table and decorative chairs are supplied if not available at the venue.


Please contact me to talk about your wedding plans and for a letter setting out the services I provide and the cost.


South Coast Marriages – ‘Ceremonies created to reflect your wishes personalities and special love’


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The legal obligations for marriages in Australia are:

  • Both parties must be over 18 years of age. (However under special circumstances, with parental and Court of Law approval one of the parties could be 16 years or over)
  • You must give at least one calendar month’s notice prior to your wedding day by completing a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (the notice is valid for up to 18 months)
  • If you were born in Australia you will be required to produce an original birth certificate or an authorised extract of your birth Certificate, or an Australian Passport as proof of date and place of marriage
  • If you were born outside Australia you are required to produce your birth certificate, translated into English or your current or expired passport from your country of birth (cancelled passports are not accepted)
  • If you have previously been married you will have to produce your Divorce Decree Absolute paper or annulment paper, or if your spouse is deceased, you must produce the Death Certificate
  • Just prior to your wedding you will be required to sign a declaration stating that you believe there is no legal impediment to the marriage between you and your partner
  • On the day of your marriage you must sign the marriage certificates and have two witnesses over the age of 18 who must also sign the marriage certificates

Click here to download the Notice of Intended Marriage form.